DiffPlug allows you to edit and merge eml, as well as model scripts (InitFcn, StopFcn, etc.).

Simulink differ

The buttons and keyboard shortcuts for the text editor / merger are described here.


  • If a model was open in MATLAB while DiffPlug changed it, you must close and reopen the model in order to see DiffPlug’s changes.

    • MATLAB will not reload the model unless you explicitly tell it to.
    • You must close all of the model’s windows in MATLAB, not just the eml window!
      • close_system('<model name without file extension>') is a useful command for this.
  • Saving a model in DiffPlug will not update the model’s history metadata.

    • If you open a model in MATLAB and go to File->Model Properties, you will see the following screen:
      Simulink model properties dialog
    • Saving a model in DiffPlug will not modify any of this metadata. It will only modify the contents of the model itself.