Here at DiffPlug, we have made a lot of documents with copy-pasted images of Simulink models. Wouldn’t it be better if we could embed a window into a Simulink model directly in our report, so that images of diagrams will automatically update as the model changes? Wouldn’t it be great to get a warning if our documentation refers to a block that doesn’t exist anymore?

To create a new word document, click the new icon, then select Docx. Click anywhere in the document to insert a text section. It supports a limited subset of standard richtext features (bold, italic, etc.)

Create document

You can also drag Simulink diagrams into the document. When you open this diagram in DiffPlug, these diagrams are live links to the actual model. When you save the file, DiffPlug caches images so that the files can also be viewed and edited transparently inside of Word.

Simulink integration

This feature is still in its very early days. We will be improving it dramatically over the coming releases.