DiffPlug is an entirely new take on what a “program” that opens “files” should be. It’s the only application that allows diff to be an integral part of your workflow, and as a result we have had to re-imagine several key pieces of the traditional desktop software interface.

  • The DiffManager is an extension of the idea of the “desktop as a scratchpad”. It allows you to keep track of the key files and folders that you’re working with.
  • DiffPlug’s powerful config system allows you to spend your time working with your files, rather than futzing with settings.
  • Because the traditional “Save” and “Save As” mechanism breaks down when working with multiple files (as is the case when diffing), DiffPlug introduces the more general idea of file status, which also has significant benefits when working with a single file as well.
  • DiffPlug’s KeyRing provides a safe place to store your passwords, allowing transparent access to remote filesystems while simultaneously guaranteeing the security of your login credentials.

The above is just a limited sample of the innovations that the DiffPlug platform has made in order to deliver the best possible workflow.