New in this release:

  • The Simulink viewer is now free.
    • We encountered too many engineers who brush against Simulink but can’t justify spending money on a viewer which they don’t need every day. Simulink solves a lot of problems in the modelling and embedded software world, and we think a free viewer will grow the ecosystem. A rising tide lifts all boats, including ours! All customers who had purchased a dp.simulink.viewer license in the last 90 days will be receiving a full refund.
  • The Simulink differ, formerly licensed as dp.simulink.differ has been renamed to dp.simstate.differ.
    • This change was made to reflect that DiffPlug is compatible with both Simulink and Stateflow. All customers who had purchased a license for dp.simulink.differ now have additional licenses for dp.simstate.differ.
  • The Simulink differ now updates dynamically as properties are added to or removed from the ignored list.
  • The Simulink viewer and differ have much improved UI for model scripts (InitFcn, StopFcn, etc.)
  • The folder viewer now has buttons for expanding and collapsing all child folders.

Bugs fixed in this release:

  • Fixed an intermittent bug which occasionally brought up an error dialog when a viewer or differ was closed.
  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to diff text files using the default config.
  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to create new custom syntax rules.
  • Fixed the error message when a user tries to copy zero files in a FileList.

We’re proud to have finally made the transition from the 0.x series to the 1.x series! Here’s why we’ve earned the 1.0 moniker:

Our very first release was in January 2012. We entered public beta that August, with version 0.4.2. Today, DiffPlug has been in the hands of happy users for more than 18 months. Thanks to the help of our pioneering customers, we’ve seasoned DiffPlug from a knock-kneed foal into a reliable workhorse.

The more visible reason we’ve earned the 1.0 designation is that we’ve finally released documentation whose quality matches that of the software it’s documenting. Now that we have a way to show you how the more intricate parts of DiffPlug work, we are free to add more great capabilities.

The 1.0.0 release is a small change from 0.6.1 that came before, but it marks a critical threshold in our infrastructure, and an inflection point in our ability to improve DiffPlug even further.