DiffPlug makes it easy to direct Rational Synergy to use DiffPlug for comparing Simulink and Stateflow models. Start by opening the preferences window.

Help -> Preferences

DiffPlug will try looking at the Windows registry to find where Synergy is installed. If DiffPlug doesn’t find it, you can tell DiffPlug the correct location using the browse button. You’re looking for [SYNERGY_INSTALL_DIR]/etc/ccm.properties.

Synergy without ccm.properties

Once you’ve shown DiffPlug where your ccm.properties file is, DiffPlug will calculate the changes necessary to associate Synergy with DiffPlug for the given filetypes. On the left is your existing file, and on the right is a preview of the modified file. DiffPlug will add or change properties as necessary. Make sure you’re okay with the changes that DiffPlug is proposing, then hit apply.

Synergy about to apply

Usually this will go smoothly, but it’s possible that DiffPlug will encounter problems regarding Administrator rights, etc. No worries, you can always just copy-paste from DiffPlug’s window into a text editor with Administrator rights.

Synergy after apply

Now Synergy will use DiffPlug to open and compare Simulink files.

Command line interface

In the bottom-left of the Synergy preferences, you can find documentation for the command line interface.