New in this release:

  • Powerful signal tracing
    • We’ve added the ability to trace not only one signal, but all the inputs and outputs of a block.
    • Includes intelligent handling of
      • Goto and from
      • Subsystems, inports, and outports
      • Enabled, triggered, and function call subsystems
      • If / else and case subsystems
    • All for free!
    • Also added the ability to extend a trace arbitrarily deep (traces ordinarily end at the first non-virtual block)
      • This is advanced functionality which requires a dp.simstate.differ license
  • Stateflow transitions now display their execution order
  • Full support from R2008a to R2013b
  • KeyRing is now searchable

Bugs fixed in this release:

  • Fixed a memory leak in the Simulink parser - much faster for large models than before!
  • Fixed several display bugs related to special subsystem ports (enable, trigger, function-call, etc.) and how they react to block rotation and mirroring.