Library blocks are indicated by a reference symbol in the lower left. If you right-click one of these blocks, you will see the Open or compare library menu item.

reference symbol

This opens the Library Browser.

reference symbol

DiffPlug will automatically search in folders nearby the model file to find a library file which satisfies the library link. These appear at top in the Nearby folders section.

If DiffPlug isn’t finding the folder you requested, you can force it to find it by manually adding folders to the lower Library folders section. You can do this by double-clicking in the blank space of the table.

Once you have found one or more instantiations of the library, you can perform any of the following:

  • Open a library block
  • Compare different versions of the library block
    • click one library version, then hold control while you double-click the second library version.
    • drag one library version onto another
    • control-click multiple versions, then hold control while right-clicking
    • library block diff menu

Remembering libraries

Once you have opened a library block, DiffPlug will remember the library to library file pairing. Now if you double click library links to this particular library, it will just open the library block, no Library Browser required.

If you want DiffPlug to forget some known libraries, you can edit them in the
preferences as shown.

Known libraries