Offline activation is not recommended. Everything which is possible through offline activation is also possible (and easier) using the standard online activation, as described here. If you are unable to complete online activation due to a lack of network connectivity, we are happy to help you using offline activation.

Select the Offline Activation item from the Help menu.

offline activation menu item

This opens the Offline Activation dialog. From here, you can simply follow the dialog’s instructions, but we’ll walk through the procedure anyway so you know what to expect.

offline activation dialog

Click the Request button to request a license. This will open the request dialog.

offline activation request

Send an email to [email protected] containing the contents of this dialog, as well as a description of the licenses you’d like to activate.

We’ll email an activation code back to you. Feel free to close this window or even all of DiffPlug while you await a response.

Once you receive your activation code, click the activate button to open this dialog:

offline activation

Paste in the code that we sent you, and hit validate. Your licenses or trials are now ready to use!

offline activation success