Every license has an administrator and an end user. When a license is first purchased, both the administrator and the end user are set to the user who created the quote.

An administrator can

  • Transfer end user rights to someone else
  • Transfer administrator rights to someone else

Both an end user and an administrator can

  • Activate a license
  • Deactivate a license

You can only transfer licenses to other users who are on your team. You can edit your team on the team page of the website, under the Licensing menu.

Team dropdown

Adding someone to your team

  1. All team members must already have a DiffPlug account.

  2. To add someone to your team, type their email into the Add someone to your team form on the team page and press Add. They will now show up in your pending team.

    Team addition is pending

  3. That person must now reciprocate, and type your email into their Add someone to your team form.

  4. Once you have both expressed a desire to add the other to your team, the connection will be made automatically.

    Team addition is complete

Transferring licenses to colleagues

  1. Make sure they are on your team.

  2. Open the page for the license which you want to transfer.

  3. If you are the administrator for the license, then at the very top there will be buttons which allow you to change the administrator and end user for this license.

    License assignment buttons

  4. In this example, we’ll change the administrator from us, [email protected], to our colleague, [email protected]

    License about to be assigned

  5. Notice that we no longer have the option to change the end user or the administrator. Now that [email protected] is the administrator, we no longer have any ability to change who owns this license. However, because we are still the end user, we still have the ability to activate and use this license.

    License about has been assigned