To open the KeyRing, open the command console with Ctrl+Shift+P or by clicking the command console icon, then select KeyRing.


The first time you try to use the KeyRing, you will see this message:

KeyRing not setup

When you press Setup, you will be prompted for your master password.

KeyRing setup

You can change this master password at any time by clicking Help.

KeyRing change master password

Saving passwords

Normally, you won't open the KeyRing manually. When you attempt to access something that requires a password, the KeyRing will automatically present itself to you. It will tell you what it is trying to access, for example,

The first thing to know is that you don't have to use the KeyRing. You can always just type in the password every time if that makes you more comfortable. If you want to have DiffPlug to save your password, you have to opt-in by selecting Use KeyRing.

Once you have opted-in to using the KeyRing, there will be a popup that shows all of the keys which you have already saved for the URL you are trying to reach.

In this case, since we haven't saved any before, we'll select Add new.

You can then type in your username and password and press Add.

Multiple accounts

When you save a password, you can decide how specific the URL should be. For example, in the previous example, we left the URL as the default But we could have shortened this to, or even

To see the advantage of this, we'll add another password, but this time we'll set the URL to

Now we have two keys available, which we can easily switch between.

But if we now try to access some other URL, such as, only the testcanary key is suggested. If we wanted to force the issue, we can use Select other to use the guineapig password, even though it doesn't match the URL suggestion.