What's new in DiffPlug 2.0.0

The long wait for DiffPlug 2 is finally over! DiffPlug 2 streamlines the features from DiffPlug 1, and allows us to explore new capabilities that were impossible with DiffPlug 1.

DiffPlug 2 does not need to be installed, you can run it from any folder, and you can run it in parallel with an existing 1.x install without breaking it.

Many of the changes in DiffPlug 2 are about reorganizing DiffPlug 1's features, you can get an overview of them over at migrating from 1.x to 2.x. The list of changes below only covers new features and deprecated features - it doesn't include all the streamlining and simplification that happened between 1 and 2.

Temporarily removed, but coming back

There are a few features that we were not able to include in DiffPlug 2.0, but they will definitely return in future versions of DiffPlug.

  • editing text files (currently view-only)
  • exportable Simulink diff report
  • archive decompression
  • Synergy CM support
  • Amazon S3 support

Permanently removed

32-bit operating systems

The last version of MATLAB to support a 32-bit operating system was R2015b. Many of the software systems that DiffPlug is built on top of have announced end-of-life for 32-bit operating systems.

Windows XP

DiffPlug uses many of the same libraries as the Eclipse Java IDE. The latest release of Eclipse has dropped support for Windows XP. The minimum required version is now Windows Vista.


Git's dominance in the version-control industry makes it difficult to justify maintenance and upkeep on our subversion integration.